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Top 5 Websites Using Joomla

While it’s very clear WordPress is the biggest player in the CMS market and the most popular, Joomla isn’t that far behind. Many big and powerful websites use Joomla for their CMS instead of WordPress.


Joomla is free to use, just like WordPress, because it’s an open source CMS. It’s used mainly for more advanced websites and content publishing on the internet and intranet. This CMS comes with its own set of benefits and some developers prefer Joomla over WordPress.

Top Five Companies Using Joomla for Websites

With over 50 million downloads, Joomla has certainly been used by plenty of websites. However, not all are big players. With the advanced security, customization ability and support of many languages, Joomla is the choice for some very large companies, however. Here are the top five companies currently using Joomla.



With more than 500 stores in nearly 50 countries, IKEA is one of the largest furniture companies in the world. They have led the industry in sales since 2008. IKEA uses Joomla for their website and many online projects. This CMS allows the company to reach customers all over the world.

Harvard University

Everybody is familiar with or has heard of Harvard. This renowned university has more than 6,000 faculty and staff members with about 80 different libraries with more than 18 million volumes. They also use Joomla for everything web-related.


Did you know eBay is a Joomla website? This global company serves customers in more than 30 countries and uses Joomla as their CMS of choice.

Holiday Inn

Based out of Atlanta, Georgia in the United States, Holiday Inn is the largest chain of hotels in the world. They were the first to offer a centralized reservation system in 1965, which was called Holidex. The company converted the main corporate site to Joomla recently.

General Electric

GE has used Joomla for many years for their interactive websites.

Other companies using Joomla

Along with these five companies, many others have chosen to use Joomla including:

  • Monaco Yacht
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Porsche Brazil
  • Danone Company
  • UK National Crime Agency
  • Wicked Campers
  • The Ministry of Education of Greece
  • Sony Pictures
  • Jaguar
  • MTV
  • And More!

There are several reasons these companies choose Joomla. Many of these websites are highly advanced and customized. The open source infrastructure and the ability to customize a website with Joomla make it a leading choice in the CMS game.

Secure and Easy to Edit


The security of Joomla is a huge draw for many. This CMS makes it easy to edit pages and posts, while remaining very secure in the process. Joomla even puts a high emphasis on data integration, which many standard CMSs don’t.

The security is a huge draw, as Joomla provides the best security possible for data. It’s known as one of the most secure choices, yet remains very easy to edit and work with.

While WordPress remains the leader and Joomla falls between WordPress and Drupal, it certainly fulfills a need. With the right hosting, Joomla can be a very powerful choice and many large companies agree.

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