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How Relevant is VPS Hosting for Smaller Businesses?

VPSVPS or virtual private server hosting is a very popular choice for small and medium-sized businesses. It provides a lower cost compared to a dedicated server, yet gives plenty of benefits compared to shared hosting.

A virtual private server is built by compartmentalizing a larger server to provide smaller sets of resources for each user. It gives the users a more secure environment with their own set of resources for websites and applications.

Advantages of VPS Hosting

There used to be far less hosting options. At the beginning you could rent or buy a server, but that was about it. Now, you can choose from shared, VPS, cloud, dedicated, colocation and a number of specialized types of hosting.

VPS hosting offers a number of benefits and when it hit the market, it bridged the price gap between shared and dedicated hosting options. Shared hosting made it easy for anybody to afford to put up a website, while dedicated hosting has always provided a solid option. VPS fits right in the middle at a lower price than dedicated hosting, but with more security and better options than shared hosting.

Virtual Private ServerWith VPS hosting, you get full rood access to the server without the large upfront costs of purchasing the equipment. You’re given the freedom to customize things the way you need and you don’t have to pay maintenance costs. Run applications as you please and enjoy the added security compared to shared hosting.

VPS accounts are basically server images and can easily be moved from one server to another without interruption. It’s a multi-tenant arrangement, but it ensures all users are affected by the actions of another, unlike shared hosting. All users gain independent access to memory, storage, CPU power and bandwidth. Every website on the server is operated in an isolated environment offering similar security to a dedicated server.

If you need to upgrade your package due to growth or a season when you experience a larger amount of traffic, it’s easy. You will also have the ability to streamline server management with container-based virtualization platforms.

There are several benefits to VPS hosting and it’s still very relevant for small and medium-sized business. It’s also a great choice for those running multiple websites. Some of what you gain with VPS includes:

  • High availability
  • Complete and on demand scalability
  • High performance
  • Better compute power
  • Incredible control
  • More server resources
  • Better security and privacy

Which VPS Vendor is Right for You?

Just like with any hosting decision, choosing the right vendors matters. If you’re upgrading from shared hosting, you may just want to stick with the same company. However, some shared hosting companies don’t offer VPS hosting or they do and it’s not very good. Make sure you take the time to compare first.

VPS HostingIt’s important to get at least 99.99% uptime, not 99.9%. That extra 0.09% makes a bigger difference than you might think and anything less than 99.95% uptime is simply unacceptable in the hosting industry.

Avoid VPS hosting companies offering unlimited resources, as this isn’t going to be very good hosting. Instead, you want a company offering a handful of packages all with defined resources. They should also be able to customize a package for you, if needed. Of course, you also want the company to offer great 24/7 support.

VPS hosting is a great choice if you outgrow shared hosting, need more security, want better hosting and need the control you get with a dedicated server. It will save you hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars a year and will provide many advantages compared to shared hosting.

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