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New Los Angeles Data Center Opened By QuadraNet

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QuadraNet, a web hosting and data center service provider in Los Angeles, recently opened a new facility. It’s located near the airport and covers about 80,000 square feet of space. A recent announcement from the company stated this facility has direct layer 2 transport connectivity services for other facilities in the area. The new facility […]

The Dark Web is Selling Tax Refunds Cheap

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Cyber criminals love tax season and they do quite a bit of stealing this time of year. Bulk W-2 forms were being sold on the dark web this year for very cheap prices. Some tax preparation sites had been phished and many W-2 forms, specifically in Florida, were stolen. IBM has software to help with […]

VPN Providers See Boost With House Vote

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The U.S. House of Representatives voted to repeal the broadband policy regulations recently and VPS providers have seen more interest. The regulation currently requires ISPs to get consent from the consumer before selling information to advertisers. It was voted on with 215 voting to change the regulation and 205 voting against it. The U.S. Senate […]

CIA Hack Leaked by Wikileaks Showing Cisco Switch Vulnerability

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Recently, the Wikileaks CIA Hack that was leaked showed that about 300 models of Cisco switches are vulnerable to an exploit. The vulnerability was disclosed by Cisco last Friday and listed products including Industrial Ethernet lines and Catalyst. None of the Nexus data center switches were on the list, however. The vulnerability pertains mainly to […]

Tucows Shares Trending Up After Recent Gamble

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Recently, Tucows gambled on U.S. mobile phone customers fed up by creating a company called Ting Wireless, which rents space from T-Mobile and Sprint networks and re-sells to consumers through its own service. Ting has about 250,000 devices on the network today, which has become a huge revenue generator for the company. Tucows also saw […]

Corero Partners with Juniper Networks to Expand DDoS Mitigation Range

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Corero Network Security recently announced an alliance with Juniper Networks to expand their line of DDoS mitigation products. DDoS attacks are one of the leading issues for enterprise security today. SmartWall Network Threat Defense 1100 or NTD1100 was launched by Corero after the partnership was created. It will now be combined with the Juniper MX […]

Alibaba Cloud Expanding in Hong Kong

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Alibaba Cloud, a large cloud company, has announced the expansion of data center capabilities in Hong Kong. The company is also known as AliCloud and Aliyun. They provide cloud services with big data solutions. The company is planning to double the data center capacity in Hong Kong. The move will help to meet the demand […]

Sneak-and-Peak Searches May Lead to Microsoft Lawsuit

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Recently, a judge rules that the U.S. government can no longer intercept emails from company servers. Microsoft convinced the judge of this because it violates rights of free speech. The argument was deemed plausible by the judge and Microsoft can now file suit over sneak-and-peek searches. These searches are now considered unlawful, but the argument […]

Top Cyber-Cops Compromised, According to Russia

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Moscow prosecutors have announced they suspect U.S. intelligence compromised one of the top cybersecurity officials from Russia. They have charged him, along with two others in the case with treason. All three were detained back in December including Sergei Mikhailov and Dmitry Dokuchaev. The third member was Ruslan Stoyanov, a manager a Kaspersky Lab. The […]

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