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Benefits of Multiple Domains for Your Business

Multiple DomainsA good website makes a difference. However, when you have multiple domains, you may be able to do even more than just having one domain name. There are ways to leverage different domains to ensure you get the most out of your business.

If you’re serious about marketing your business online, you need more than one domain. Here are some of the many ways multiple domains can benefit your business online.

Great for Branding

If you want to protect your brand, you need your domain name with just about every extension you can find. Even a similar sounding domain name can be something you need as many have used these types of domains to hurt businesses and mislead buyers.

Whether you provide services or sell products, protecting your brand is very important. Each service or product can become a domain of its own for better branding and protection. This can help keep competitors and crooks at bay that look to use similar sounding domains or your business name with another extension to make money or hurt your reputation.

Use Misspelled/Miss-typed Names to Your Advantage

Domain NamesYou can funnel traffic to your main website with domains containing a misspelled word or a common typing error. For example, if you have “the” at the beginning of your business name, customers may type your business name without “the” at the front. If you own both domain names, you can still get that traffic to your main website.

This strategy will also keep traffic from landing on an error page or a competitor from using misspelled domains to funnel your traffic to their site. It’s important to trademark your business name and all the nearest variations. This will keep you protected and make it easier to ensure your business is protected from competition.

Helps with Marketing Campaigns

A smart marketing manager will use multiple domain names to remind customers of specific products and catch lines for marketing campaigns. These domains can be set up to ensure customers go to a specific landing page, as well. You don’t have to send them directly to your main homepage, if the marketing campaign is meant to sell a specific product or service.

With multiple domains names, you can direct your traffic where you want it to go. This can be very helpful when building an email list, selling specific products, tracking marketing and for many other purposes.

Build Traffic Through a Specific Sub-Niche or Brand

Your main domain name may be your company name or a main/general keyword. This can be a great strategy, but not so great for the sub-niches inside your main niche. With additional domains, however, you can attack all of the sub-niches.

Domains for BrandingFor example, if your main website is about weight loss, you may want to attack sub-niches for specific diets or ways to lose weight. While these can be done on your main domain, it’s better to use additional domains for better SEO and marketing. You can better focus these domains on the sub-niches you’re trying to build within.

In addition, the sub-niches need specific landing pages to help with selling your products or services. Additional domains make it easy to brand these landing pages to match the URL and make things look professional for visitors.

Choosing multiple domain names for your business provides many benefits. Whether you want one domain for each of your main products/services or you want to use similar sounding domains, you can use these strategies to grow your business. Of course, multiple domains make it easier to track marketing and direct traffic, as well.

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